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  • Becky: I have just finished a telephone reading with Vanessa. She was quick to pick up on how I'm currently feeling with great intuitiveness and tried to put my mind at ease with an insightful understanding into a situation that has caused me much confusion. She allowed me to ask questions and was very precise in her responses giving me the hope that I have longed for. I would highly recommend Vanessa when it comes to affairs of the heart and would like to thank her for her time x.

  • Janet: I had the pleasure of a reading with Earth Angel. She was friendly, kind and very reassuring in her approach. She was able to offer a good understanding into my current situations and told me things that were spot on even though I hadn't mentioned them. She has reassured me no end and confirmed what I have already been told on previous readings. Amazing reading! Highly recommended!! I would definitely like to speak to her again in the future.

  • Katie: After reading through the desrcriptions, I decided to have a reading with Goldey. Goldey is very thorough with the intial data she collects from you and takes her time to gain a clear insight into your reading. She was accurate on many things and discussed timings too. Her directness was delivered compassionately even if it was not what I wanted to hear. Here's to hope for my future.

  • Arron: I had a reading with Thomas a few nights ago. His style was different to anything I have experienced before and the details were interesting. Thank you.

  • Rob: Just had a reading with Joanna! Straight to the point and easy to talk to. She confirmed some things that nobody would know and also stuff that is to happen in the future which another reader said exactly the same . I can highly recommend her gift.

  • Susan: After reading all the descriptions, I chose to have a reading with Margaret. I was absolutely blown away by how quickly she picked up on information without any guidance from me. She was softly spoken, compassionate and very in tune with my situation, bringing up so many things that were so relevant. She has helped me gain insight into my difficult situation and I am so grateful. Thank you Margaret.

  • Rita: I recently had a reading from Tom. His laugh is infectious, he gave me some things to think about. Now I wait to see if what he said transpires. This is the first time I have used this service and will definitely use it again..

  • Karla: I recently had the pleasure of having a reading with Jennifer and I have to stress how impressed I was with her compassionate approach and gentle manner. This is exactly what I needed! Jennifer was able to very quickly pick up on information accurate to my situation and bring me some comfort. She also reiterated information that I have previously been told without being aware of this. I have been left feeling positive about my difficult predicament and hopeful of the coming months. Thank you so much Jennifer, you're intuitively had amazed me.

  • Susan: I chose to speak with Laura based on her description and have to say I was not disappointed! She is clear with what she see's and all the information she gave me was completely spot on! She asked specific questions and was able to bring clarity to a very difficult situation. Her natural intuition is so atoned to the facts and I was left feeling uplifted and astounded!

  • Gary: I had a reading with Cat a couple of evenings ago. Her style is different to what I have experienced previously but this is not a negative. She reads confidently and pin points information very quickly. She doesn't sugarcoat what she sees but is honest and this is just what I needed. Everything she told me was accurate and I'm grateful to her for her time. Many thanks Cat.

  • Karen South Yorkshire: I had a reading with Cat she doesn't mince her words if you would like a honest reading with someone that doesn't hold back, pick her she isn't frightened to tell you the truth. So, if you're worried about something and need answers Cat is straight to the point scary but at least she is honest.

  • Sheila: Tom is far the best reader I've ever spoken to, he is so funny as well. You don't even need to tell him anything it's like he is a fly on the wall in your life lol. Also he has a way to help you relax and not worry so much. Everyone has a favourite reader he is mine.

  • Ida: Vonney is fast and to the point she gave me hope and understanding on how to tackle my situation with a much more open mind, where I was blind thanks Vonney. I be calling you again very soon xxxx

  • Michelle Yorks: Alexander wow wow wow he is amazing xxxxx

  • Jackie is an exceptionally good reader. I was having serious repeat nightmares and she helped me understand the messages my guides where trying to tell me. Thank you Jackie for putting my mind at rest and being patient with me as I know I was hard work. I will be calling very soon. Thank you from my heart for bringing me peace xxxxx

  • Amanda: I had a reading with Joanna today and I found her to be calming, compassionate and sensitive to my situation. She was able to atone herself very quickly to the situation I have been worrying about and very soon gave me reassurance based on the accuracy of what she was saying. I feel uplifted by her enlightenment and will certainly take the advice she has given me. I had utter faith in her gift and would recommend her to anybody with a situation that requires sensitivity. Many thanks.

  • Sam: OMG I had a reading with Tom he is the best. He is 100% spot on, I highly recommend him.

  • Julie: Alexander is to the point and knows his stuff. I found myself just listening to what he had to say with my mouth open LOLl as I have no idea how he knew me so well, but he was mindblowing. I def be speaking to him again very soon 10 stars :).

  • Sammi London: Just had a reading with Vonney she is accurate caring and honest. She speaks the truth and doesn't hold back. If you want answers to relationship issues she is your woman she sees things from every point, they say love is blind but she will open your eyes and help you understand the situation better. Whether its insight or closure your looking for Vonney will help you see the light. Highly recommend.

  • Cherri: I have recently finished a reading with Alexander and have to say that he offered huge insight into my current situation and the path my future will take. He struck upon a lot of significant details and helped me to piece them altogether. Absolutely amazing. Would recommend.

  • Lisa: I have been lucky enough to have a reading with the lovely Tinisha and have to say that she was lovely to speak to. She expressed an amazing understanding into my current predicament and was very direct with her answers. Following my reading with her, I feel more at ease and have a greater insight into things to come. Thank you Tinisha xx

  • Lisa: I have recently had a reading with Tina and found her amazing to talk to. She is very compassionate and direct with her answers and hit the nail on the head every time. After speaking with her, I feel much more confident how I am going to manage my situation from this point. Thank you so much Tina x

  • Lisa: I have just finished a reading with Tom and I all I keep saying to myself now is 'wow wow wow!!' . He totally blew me away with his accuracy especially as I didn't give him any details at all about my current situation! His style of reading is completely different to that I have experienced before and he has left me totally uplifted. He was very considerate of my feelings continually asking me if I was ok. I would definitely highly recommend him particularly if you can't move forward with a situation. Thank you so so much Tom!! xx

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